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Frank-The Feeder

20% savings on feed

Proven by all our customers...

No stress at feeding time

All horses fed at the same time reducing injuries and increasing health and horse well-being...

Precision and performance

Increased performance due to precision.
Tested and proven by great riders...

Time saving

Save from 2 to 5 hours a day
• Time to feed
• Time to wait to ride after eat pellets
• Waiting time post-exercise
• Hay / pellets interval

Prevents waste

An automated and accurate feed an supplements distribution system reduces human errors that lead to waste, whether that be in transportation, handling, distribution or lack of precision....

Colic reduction

The main causes are: irregular feeding, deficient consumption or large amounts of feed. To avoid such situations it is essential to have a precise and balanced diet that is based on routine...

Automatic feeder

1 7 days feed storage

Beep when the feed is running out

2 Display ration level

Easy to view and control

3 Vitamin reservoir for 7 days

Beep when the vitamin level is running low.

Features of Frank - The Feeder
1 7 days feed storage

2 Display ration level

3 Vitamin reservoir for 7 days

4 Batteries for power failure

Beep when the batteries are running out

5 12 volts power supply

Supplied with product

6 Power button

Does not erase any programming.

7 Control panel

Control panel

Easy to program

Intuitive system

Super accurate clock

Accuracy of 2 seconds in a 1 year

Rest day function

Feed and vitamin quantity reduced once a week

Easy to install

The whole system in one unit

Dimensions: (LxWxH): 40x70x70 cm
Weight: 26 kg
Capacity of the feed storage: 55 liters
Capacity of the vitamin storage: 200 ml
Energy Consumption: 110/240V – 50Hz 0.9A
Warranty: 2 years
Gregory Wathelet

"It's very pleasant for the horses, they have constant food, at regular times."

Gregory Wathelet

Bronze Medal by Team at the 2020 Olympics

Marlon Zanotelli

"I'm very happy with Frank-The Feeder and I highly recomend you to try it."

Marlon Modolo Zanotelli

Individual and team Gold Medal at the 2017 Pan American Games

Frank on the stable
Frank on the stable
Frank on the field

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